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June Kyu Club Grading - Results.

Our Kyu club grading on Sunday 9th June for the grades of 10th Kyu White belt right through to students attempting the grade of 1st Kyu – the final Kyu grade before Black belt, was a fantastic afternoon full of determined students with great attitudes all intent on succeeding to their next levels.  

Every student really came into their own and showed off some fantastic karate. It was a very memorable grading for lots of different reasons and I’m proud to say once again we had a complete pass rate and all successfully achieved their next Kyu grades,

Thank you to everyone who helped to assist on the day – Senior Instructors Sensei Gavin Oliphant, Sensei Martin Thomas, Sensei Del Knowles and Sensei Martin Wilmot, Sensei Jack Churchouse, Sensei Kirsty Churchouse, Sensei Paul Webber and Sensei Karen Jackson,  Junior Instructor’s Nathan Crowther, Ben Churchouse and Alfie Appleby. Sempai’s Laura Brogden, Lisa McKenzie and Lorna Lightfoot and Junior Sempai’s Brandon Crowther and Katie Knowles, and admin work and preparation by Sensei Yvonne Crowther.   As always, your help was much appreciated and without this support grading's would be difficult tasks to run smoothly and successfully achieve.  

A special mention must go too to the parents and friends who encouraged and applauded as always all afternoon. Your support really spurred on those grading – so thank you!

All the kyu grades did exceptionally well, from the students attempting that first nervous grading of Yellow belt - not quite sure what to expect but thoroughly enjoying the challenge nonetheless  -  right through to students going for Senior grades of Brown belt and above and realising that a Black belt is now firmly within their sights - each student showed impressively  why they had been put forward for their next grade.

Congratulations to our new Yellow, Orange and Green belts – great work from this group. You are all showing huge potential in classes and at the grading worked really hard! Well done!

There were a number of students attempting 6th Kyu Red belt, 5th Kyu Blue belt and 4th Kyu Purple belt levels and within these grades there were students still relatively young who coped brilliantly all afternoon. Also within this group are some very talented students who moving forward are definitely ones to watch for the future, well done to you all!

As a club that encourages and supports everyone – we always give a special mention by name to those students attaining the grades of 3rd Kyu and above, as these grades take many years of practice, dedication and training, so it’s rightly so that their hard work is recognised.

Many congratulations therefore to the following students:

Michelle Lacy -3rd Kyu

Michelle is one of our female adults at the Chorley class where she has steadily trained since being a white belt. She is a great student to have in class and has made great progress since returning from an injury which saw her taking a break from karate but she is now definitely back into full training regime again. Michelle always tries her best in class and her confidence and belief in her own training is now starting to show. Michelle was a little hesitant before her grading and had some self-doubts if she was ready, but she needn’t have worried, Michelle did brilliantly all afternoon showing some lovely basics and stances and great kata’s. She also coped with the kumite extremely well and handled every situation unfazed and I think she even surprised herself with how well she did. Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu Michelle – brilliant work!

Jake Smith – 3rd Kyu

Jake is a real little character in the dojo, he is an absolute pleasure to teach and always tries is best at everything he does. He has trained at the Fleetwood dojo’s since being a white belt and has progressed well through his grades. His little ninja sounds (shoo, shoo, shoo) when he’s training are very funny, and he has very fast reflexes for his age. Jake never misses training, and this is a real testament to his attitude and determination. On the grading day Jake did very well he worked tirelessly all afternoon displaying great stances and basics, his kata’s had been practiced well and in the kumite section he never tired all afternoon and showed some brilliant kicks and control. Well done young man – awesome work and Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu!

Jack McKenzie – 3rd Kyu

Jack is a lovely quiet natured student – he works hard in classes and tries his best to do what is being shown of him. Sempai Lisa McKenzie is a great role model for him both naturally as his parent, and as a teacher as Lisa is great at coaxing and encouraging all students in classes and it was clear to see that Jack has been working hard with Sempai Lisa before the grading– well done to you both! On the grading day Jack worked hard all afternoon and was determined to show why he really deserved his 3rd Kyu, his basics were lovely and clean, his stances were completed with real confidence and in the kumite section he handled all his sparring partners effectively and with good control. Well done Jack – keep up the great work! Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu!

Joshua Lacy – 3rd Kyu

Joshua is a little pocket rocket who has trained at the Chorley dojo with his dad Matthew since being very young. He is a great student to teach in class, always enthusiastic and has some fantastic stances and kata’s. He always tries his best at everything he does and is always super keen to learn new things. On the grading day Joshua worked tirelessly from the start, he displayed his well-practiced and rehearsed kata’s, stances and basics and nothing fazed him all afternoon. In the kumite section Joshua coped brilliantly with all his sparring partners showing he has vastly improved in this area since he last graded. Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu Joshua – fantastic work!

Isaac Lacy – 2nd Kyu

Isaac has been training at the Chorley dojo for quite a number of years now and started karate when he was really young regularly training alongside his dad John and mum Michelle. Isaac is a lovely polite student and an absolute pleasure to have in the dojo. He had progressed through his grades steadily and has kept going no matter what. Over the last twelve months Isaac has really started to improve, he tries hard in classes and was definitely ready to go for his 2nd Kyu grade. On the grading day Isaac was really strong throughout and worked hard all day. He showed some well-rehearsed kata’s and some lovely hip work and stances. In the kumite section Isaac coped with all situations very well and showed that he is maturing in his karate and understanding.  Isaac is now definitely coming into his own and I’m sure will continue this great work over the coming months. Well done Isaac and many Congratulations on your 2nd Kyu!

Bethany Bradford – 1st Kyu
Bethany is an absolute pleasure to teach and is a popular student amongst the other girls in the club. Rarely missing classes Bethany always pays attention and tries her hardest at everything she does. She is also such a thoughtful student and although seems very mildly natured – inside she has a real steely determination.  Bethany did brilliantly at her grading, she worked tirelessly all afternoon with a big smile on her face - even in the kumite when pushed!  Bethany’s kata’s were very clean and had been practiced well and she displayed some lovely stances and basics with a calm but determined approach. Bethany was pushed particularly hard in the kumite section but seemed completely unfazed and coped brilliantly with all her sparring partners. I’ve no doubt Bethany will continue her great attitude  as she trains towards her black belt and will work on having a louder Kia, something she will need to address as an essential part of her black belt grading assessment.  Well done Bethany, splendid work – keep it going. Many Congratulations on your 1st Kyu!

Gary Churchouse – 1st Kyu

Gary has trained at the Fleetwood dojo’s since a white belt and has progressed well through his grades. He is a great student to have in the dojo, with a real character and always tries his hardest in everything he does. He is a popular member of the club, always supportive in everything we do and is renowned for his entertaining kumite sessions at gradings!  Gary worked hard all afternoon at the grading, from the start he showed some nice clean practiced katas and good basics and he has definitely improved since his last graded.  He coped well with the kumite section, despite being pushed particularly hard at times for his 1st Kyu but showed great resilience and determination throughout and never stopped even though he was very tired at the end.  Well done Gary! Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu, keep training hard, awesome work!


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