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Kyu Grade & Black Belt Pre-Assessment - Sunday 9th June 2019.


Venue: Cardinal Allen High School, Melbourne Avenue, Fleetwood, FY7 8AY.

Time:    11am - 12 noon - 10th Kyu's - 2nd Kyu's
              11am - 12.30 pm - 1st Kyu's, Shodan-Ho and Shodan's


All students who are invited and are hoping to grade in June must attend the pre-assessment where they will be observed by the chief instructor. The assessment is designed to put the student through their paces to see if they are ready for their next grade.

1st Kyu and all Black belts hoping to attempt the grades of either Shodan-Ho, Shodan or Nidan will  be assessed over an extra 30 minutes.

Grading forms will be given out to all successful students at the end of the assessment.

Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before the pre-assessment starts, please sign in with your licence book and pre-assessment fee.  


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