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Club Grading - Sunday 25th June 2017.

Cardinal Allen High School,
Melbourne Avenue,
FY7 8AY.

1 - 4 pm for all grades

All students should aim to arrive 15 - 20 minutes before the start of the grading to give themselves time to warm up and stretch off, they should also bring with them all kumite equipment, their licence book for updating and a drink.

Family and friends are very welcome to watch and show their support, but please could we ask that all observers are respectful to others - particularly those grading, and that all phones are set to silent.

Fleetwood Grading 13th March 2016 - Results.

On Sunday 13th March we held a large grading at Fleetwood and it was another exceptional day. The standard of karate on display was very high and this is due to the great team of Instructors here at Musuko Karate Academy.

We must once again mention those who gave up their Sunday to help out and support on the day, without their commitment events like grading days would be impossible tasks.

Thanks to Sensei Gary McDonald, Sensei Gavin Oliphant, Sensei Julie Dudley, Sensei Martin Thomas, Sensei Del Knowles, Sensei Martin Wilmot and Sensei Kirsty Churchouse. Junior Instructors Nathan Crowther and Kieran Lydon, Junior Sempai’s Brandon Crowther, Chelsea Grundy, Jack Churchouse, Laighton Worthington and Alex Oliphant. Many thanks also to Chris Greenhalgh, Amy Greenhalgh and Jon Mockridge. We are very lucky to have such fantastic people who really enjoy assisting in events like grading’s and your help is always appreciated.

We also have to mention the parents and family members who gave up their time to cheer and encourage everyone from the sides, as well as the many hours given each week travelling around to all the different classes. Your very kind and continuous comments about the club are really appreciated. Thank you all for your brilliant support!

We had students who were attending their very first grading to attain their 9th Kyu yellow belts all the way through to three students attempting their 1st Kyu rank (the last Kyu grade before black belt).

Everyone did brilliantly and put in 100% effort from start to finish and again it was another full pass rate with every student succeeding to their next Kyu grade.

There are some really great students with various grades in the club who have exceptional karate, and some of these are only 4 or 5 years of age. They among others are definitely ones to watch for the future!

Congratulations to Matthew Lacy, Chris Schofield and Paul Preston who all double graded from 10th Kyu white belt to 8th Kyu orange belt. Double grading’s do not come along very often and are a big achievement. Huge well done to all three of you and keep the great work up!

We always mention by name students who attain the level of 3rd Kyu and above. To get to these levels takes many years of hard work, commitment and sheer determination.

We therefore congratulate the following students:

Harvey Atkinson – 3rd Kyu
Harvey is a lovely and polite young man who always tries his hardest in all the classes he attends. Harvey is a great student to have in the club as he always listens and pays attention to what is being taught and then puts this into practice. Harvey is progressing nicely through his grades and his karate is improving in all areas. On the grading day Harvey worked tirelessly from start to finish he had good clean kata’s and his kumite was nice and controlled. Harvey was pushed really hard in the kumite section and he showed great determination to carry on without any fuss, never once did Harvey show signs of giving up. A huge Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu Harvey, keep the fantastic work going!

Connor Mooney – 3rd Kyu
Connor is another great student who gives it his all in classes. He is a well-liked member of the club and regularly trains, rarely missing classes and for this we commend him. Connor always tries hard in class and then puts this into practice. On the grading day Connor did fantastically well he was very determined and very focused and just got on with the job in hand. His kata’s were lovely and clean and had been practiced well. In the kumite section Connor was much improved as in the past he has been known to lose his temper but now Connor is much more controlled and this certainly paid off for him on the day showing excellent skill and great movement. He is finally starting to believe in his ability more and this will now help him immensely. Well done Connor you never gave up, fantastic work. Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu.

Daisy Oliphant -3rd Kyu
Daisy is the daughter of Sensei Gavin and she is an absolute joy to have in classes. Not only is she mega cute but is also a little pocket rocket. Daisy is a member of the squad team winning two out of three tournament medals in really high ranking standards of competition as well as winning Exceptional Karate-Ka Award 2015. Daisy is doing so well with her karate, she is still only 8 years of age but has already achieved so much. She attends and supports every event we hold and all this is really helping her karate tenfold. On the grading day Daisy did brilliantly. Her kata’s were lovely and sharp and had been practiced well and in the kumite although Daisy perhaps didn’t always find it easy she coped brilliantly and showed why she was very deserving of her 3rd Kyu rank. Congratulations Daisy fantastic work, keep it up!

Charlotte Bertram -1st Kyu
Charlotte is a lovely girl who tries really hard in classes and it has all been paying off for her. Charlotte trains four times a week along with her two brothers and is another student who supports and attends every event we hold. Charlotte is a very popular member of the club and has made some great friends. She is a member of the squad team and already had success winning a silver medal, and is also currently a Junior Female Student of the Year 2015. Charlotte has really good all round karate and has a natural ability at picking things up quickly. At the grading Charlotte worked tirelessly from start to finish. Her kata’s were performed brilliantly and her kumite was nice and controlled. Charlotte is a great role model for the younger females to look up to and we have no doubt Charlotte will do exceptionally well when she attempts her black belt at the end of the year. Congratulations Charlotte you should be very proud of everything you have achieved so far. Keep up the great work!

Elliott Bertram – 1st Kyu
Elliott is a nice polite young man who is now starting to come into his own with his karate. Elliott with his sister Charlotte and brother Keith are great personalities in classes. Elliott is also another popular member of the club forming strong friendships with students of a similar age to himself. He really enjoys his karate and is a member of the squad team as well as attending every event we do. Elliott recently had quite a serious knee injury but after regaining full health he has come back training and been stronger and better than ever! On the grading day Elliott was exceptional from start to finish. Such was his determination and focus he impressed all the Sensei’s and Sempai’s who were there, and who all commented on how good he was. Elliott’s kata’s were exceptionally sharp with great kimae and in the kumite he was just outstanding. Nothing seemed to faze Elliott and we are really looking forward to him attempting his black belt later in the year!  Congratulations Elliott fantastic work. You should be really proud!

Oliver Spencer – 1st Kyu
Oliver is another lovely polite young student and it’s great to have him in the club. Oliver is really enjoying his karate at the moment and is improving at a very fast rate and this is why Sensei Simon decided to move him forward earlier than expected. Oliver trains three times a week and always focuses and listens hard to what is being taught. He is currently a Junior Male Student of the Year 2015 and a great role model to some of the younger male students. On the grading day Oliver did exceptionally well he again impressed all the Sensei’s and Sempai’s who were watching and delivered some awesome karate. His kata’s were very clean and sharp and had been practiced well. In the kumite section Oliver did brilliantly, he coped with every situation very well and never once thought of giving up. We very much look forward to seeing Oliver attempt his black belt later in the year. Well done Oliver, fantastic work. Congratulations on your 1st Kyu.  

Yorkshire Open Karate Championships - Squad news

Congratulations to all our tournament squad members who once again had a very successful day and came away with a haul of medals. You did yourselves and the club proud. Well done to you all!

MKA Training Weekend - 15th - 17th April 2016.



Due to the huge response to our training weekend this event is now sold out!



Blue Dolphin Holiday Park,
Gristhorpe Bay,
North Yorkshire.
YO14 9PU


Our very first training weekend is being held at the beautifully placed Blue Dolphin site in Yorkshire and are very pleased to have secured two fantastic guest instructors - Shihan Anne Hastings and Sensei Anthony Pendlebury, who between them have a wealth of experience and expertise in both kata and kumite. Both instructors along with Sensei Simon will be teaching the groups on the day.

Any student who is attending the training weekend is in for a fabulous time as well as gaining valuable knowledge to really help benefit their karate. Training takes place all day Saturday from 10am - to 4 pm, with a short break in-between sessions and a longer break for lunch. Instructor trophies and certificates will be awarded at the end of the day's training.

Friday afternoon and evening and all day Sunday are free days for students to spend with their family and karate friends. There is an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, childrens pool, indoor multi lane water slide, sauna, roller blading, go karts, fishing, climbing wall, kids club, bars and restaurants  - including a brand new restaurant for 2016 and evening entertainment. The gorgeous sandy beach is nearby to enjoy as well as all the stunning sites of Yorkshire.

​Accommodation is in a variety of caravans discounted for group bookings.



Pre-Grading Assessment - Sunday 6th November 2016.

Location: Cardinal Allen High School, Melbourne Avenue, Fleetwood, FY7 8AY

1 - 2.30 pm for all grades

All students who are invited and are hoping to grade in November must attend the pre-assessment where you will be observed by the Chief Instructor. The assessment is designed to put you through your paces and see if you are ready for your next grade.

For those students who are put forward to attempt the grade of Shodan-Ho, Shodan or Nidan at the end of November, it is absolutely vital that you attend the pre-assessment.

Grading slips will be given out to all successful students at the end of the assessment.

The cost of the assessment is £5 per person. Please sign in and pay on the day.

Happy New Year! All classes re-open commencing Monday 4th January 2016.

A very Happy New Year to all our students and families. We hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and a nice break!

All classes re-open and return from Monday 4th January 2016.

We know everyone is keen to get back into the dojo and start training once more, and we look forward to seeing you all as we have lots of exciting things planned for 2016.

Look out for the latest newsletter in class coming very soon!


Black Black Grading Results - 29th November 2015

On the 29th November we held a black belt grading for students attempting the grades of Shodan-Ho and Shodan.

In front of a grading panel of Sensei George Best, Sensei Simon Crowther, Sensei Gary McDonald, Sensei Julie Dudley and Sensei Martin Thomas we are very happy to state that every student successfully passed their grade.

The atmosphere in the room was electric at times and it was fantastic to see parents, family members and friends not only supporting their own loved ones but every other student who was grading too.

As always this support is fantastic and this is what makes our club so special, not only in terms of all the support but also the outside respect we have, both from strangers and Sensei’s of other clubs who comment regularly on our high standards and friendly exterior and etiquette.

We need to thank some special people who helped at the grading and gave up their Sunday to help and support the students who were attempting grades. These are Junior Instructors Kieran Lydon and Nathan Crowther, Junior Sempai’s Chelsea Grundy, Alfie Appleby, Brandon Crowther, Rebecca Worthington and students Chris Greenhalgh, Chris Morley, Jon Mockridge and Paul Webber. Thanks guys you did a great job and your help was very much appreciated!

To gain grades of Shodan-Ho and Shodan takes many, many years of dedication, commitment, sweat and even sometimes tears! The euphoria when you achieve these grades though is ecstatic and is what makes these grades so special. Congratulations to each and every one of you who obtained these grades. You all have weaknesses and strengths in different areas but your combined effort and sheer determination at the grading is what makes you all so special.

Four-hour grading’s are no easy feat - but as students we know you wouldn’t want it any other way! The most exciting thing about earning these grades is that your karate journey now only truly begins! We very much look forward to seeing you all progress and learn even more in the coming years.

We are sure everyone in the club will join us in congratulating you all on your massive achievements.

These fantastic and amazing people who graded are all named below along with their grades.


Martin Wilmot – Shodan-Ho
Sensei Martin started training four years ago and has always trained regularly three times a week. Martin is a lovely guy and a very loyal student to have in the club. He currently supports Sensei Gavin at the Carleton dojo on Friday’s and has excellent teaching skills - and we are sure he will soon have his own class which will be a great success. He is a very dedicated and committed student who has always enjoyed his karate and supported any karate event or seminar he could. He has progressed well through all his grades – showing a vast improvement over the last year. On the grading day Martin had great spirit and focus, he tried really hard and gave every section 100% effort and we could ask no more than this of him. Martin took quite a few hard shots during the kumite section from Sensei George but showed great resolve and spirit and kept going until the very end. We congratulate you on your Shodan-Ho Martin. Very well done!

Derek Knowles – Shodan-Ho
Sensei Del is a great guy and a fantastic and very loyal supporter of the club. Del has been training in karate for around four years and is a student who loves his karate and very rarely misses classes. He gives all his training 100% effort in every class. Sensei Del is also a brilliant support for Sensei Simon and helps at the Leigh and Lowton dojo’s on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s where he does a great job. On the grading day Del gave it 100% effort from the start, the sheer determination and focus in his face was plain for all to see and this really impressed the grading panel. Del was very confident in all sections and this transpired into good combinations and lovely clean kata’s. During the kumite section Del was brilliant! He took some right knocks off some of the other students, and Sensei George, but never once thought about giving up - such was his intent to gain his Shodan-Ho. Congratulations Del, awesome work and thoroughly deserving of your Shodan-Ho.

Amy Greenhalgh – Shodan
Amy is a lovely and polite girl who is now really coming into her own. Her karate has improved massively in the last twelve months in all areas and she is now believing in herself more. She is a popular member of the club and has made some great friends with the other girls of a similar age to herself. Amy always trains well and tries hard in every class and this is really paying off for her. On the grading day Amy was strong in all areas, she had good clean basics and combinations and was confident doing kata’s Bassai Dai and Jion which were done to a great standard. Amy has strong kumite and can give as much as she gets, although a little more control and restraint is now needed from Amy and this is something we will work on in class. Overall though Amy did a brilliant job and the grading panel were very impressed with her all round karate. Congratulations on your Shodan Amy, very well deserved!

Alex Oliphant – Shodan
Alex is a lovely boy who has been training for around four years and is great character to have in the club. Alex has progressed through all his grades well and tries hard in every area. He is a popular student in the club and has lots of friends. He is very supportive and attends any seminar or karate event possible. On the grading day Alex gave everything he had, he focused hard and every area was technically good. In the combination section he was really sharp and this area particularly impressed the grading panel, he was under some pressure during the kata section but managed to pull this around for himself. In the kumite section Alex struggled at times to control his temper but then he composed himself and did really well, never giving up and at times it transpired into some confident kumite. Well done Alex, fantastic work! Congratulations on your Shodan.


Benjamin Churchouse - Shodan
Ben is a lovely person and another great student to have in the club. Ben has been training regularly for around four years and is a very supportive and loyal member. He is a real steady student and has progressed through all his grades well. Ben was very determined at his grading and nothing was going to stop him from obtaining his Shodan! Ben tried really hard in every section and this was very admirable. Ben’s combinations were good and with composure his kata’s were technically clean. In the kumite section Ben did really well, he was pushed hard and took some hard knocks, but let his karate experience come into force and handled all situations admirably and this really impressed the grading panel.  Congratulations on your Shodan Ben, very well done!

Jack Churchouse – Shodan
Jack is a great student and a lovely young man. Jack also has great teaching skills and is enjoying his role as a Junior Sempai. Jack has been training regularly for around four years and really enjoys his karate. He always helps out if possible at grading’s and this is fantastic to see. At the grading Jack did really well from the start and was sharp and focused. In the combination section Jack was strong and although he bowed to a little pressure in the kata section, he composed himself and produced technically clean kata’s which impressed the panel. During the kumite section Jack was fantastic, he handled all situations brilliantly, including some challenging rounds, and all the training time in the dojo really payed off for him as nothing seemed to faze him! Congratulations on your Shodan Jack, very well done!


Taigen Swinburn – Shodan
Taigen is a lovely girl and a fantastic student to have training with us. She is one of our top young female students and a great role model to all the other younger girls. Taigen has been training for around four years and since upping her training a few years ago has gone from strength to strength. Taigen has brilliant karate in all areas and was chosen as our Junior Female Student of The Year in 2014. This year has shown Taigen step it up another level, where she has had success in outside National tournaments. At the grading Taigen was simply brilliant from the start! She had strong karate in all areas and was fully focused throughout. Her combinations and kata’s were clean and done with great confidence and understanding.  The panel were really impressed with how Taigen handled all areas of her grading. In the kumite section Taigen stayed composed and controlled throughout, she had some difficult rounds to endure but nothing fazed her! Brilliant work Taigen! Congratulations on your Shodan.

Laighton Worthington – Shodan
Laighton is another fantastic student to have in the club and a lovely boy. He is super talented and a little pocket rocket. Laighton has been training for around four years, four times a week – a very admirable commitment for which we commend him! He has always had really strong karate, but this last twelve months Laighton has cranked it up another level. On the grading day Laighton was outstanding in all areas. He had beautifully controlled combinations and kata’s that were completed with kimae, confidence and control. In the kumite section Laighton was simply brilliant! He has great understanding of kumite and used distance and hand speed to the highest degree, plus while doing all this Laighton constantly smiled throughout! All the grading panel were incredibly impressed with Laighton in all areas – a fantastic achievement! Congratulations Laighton, incredible work and thoroughly deserving of your Shodan!



Christmas Party & Presentation Evening - Saturday 5th December 2015

This year’s Christmas Party and Presentation evening is again being held at Park Hall Hotel, Charnock Richard.

After last year’s phenomenal success, we extended the numbers to over 200 guests and this year’s function sold out in just one week!

The evening will start with the presentation of a bespoke medal and ribbon to all current training students, Instructors and Sempai's - please therefore could all guests meet in the hotel bar area at 6.45 pm ready for the evening to start at 7 pm. The Park Suite doors will open around 6.50 pm.

There will be an easel in the bar foyer which will have your name and table number on it for ease of seating.

We will then have a vast array of various top quality trophies for different categories, all based on different credentials. Plus as always a few surprises!

Top Brighton live band ‘Teenage Kicks’ are our entertainment this year. If you haven’t seen the promotional video of this fabulous wedding and party band already, check them out on their website – they look fantastic!

Please remember that the dress code is smart. It was great to see all the boys and men in dapper suits and the girls and ladies in gorgeous dresses last year.

This will be another fantastic night for our club to celebrate the successes of the last twelve months for all our students. As the club continues to go from strength to strength and grow rapidly - this is a brilliant way for students, families and friends to get together and have a great time socially, as well as having a few drinks and everyone hitting the dance floor again – (Chris Morley!) :-)

We very much look forward to seeing you all there!


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