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Fleetwood November Grading - Results

On Sunday 20th November we held a large grading at Fleetwood and it was another exceptional day. The standard of karate on display was very high and this is due to the great team of Instructors here at Musuko Karate Academy.

We must mention those who gave up their Sunday to help out and support on the day, without their commitment events like grading days would be impossible tasks.

Thanks to Sensei Gary McDonald, Sensei Gavin Oliphant, Sensei Julie Dudley, Sensei Martin Thomas, Sensei Del Knowles, Sensei Martin Wilmot and Sensei Kirsty Churchouse. Junior Instructors Nathan Crowther, and Jack Churchouse, Junior Sempai’s Brandon Crowther, Taigen Swinburn, Amy Greenhalgh, Rebecca Worthington, Alfie Appleby, Elliott and Charlotte Bertram, and students Chris Greenhalgh and Chris Morley. We are very lucky to have such fantastic people who really enjoy assisting in events like grading’s and your help is always appreciated.

We also have to mention the parents and family members who gave up their time to cheer and encourage everyone from the sides, as well as the many hours given each week travelling around to all the different classes. Your very kind and continuous comments about the club are really appreciated. Thank you all for your brilliant support!

We had students who were attending their very first grading to attain their 9th Kyu yellow belts all the way through to one student attempting his 1st Kyu rank (the last Kyu grade before black belt).

Everyone did brilliantly and put in 100% effort from start to finish and again it was another full pass rate with every student succeeding to their next Kyu grade.
There are some really great students with various grades in the club who have exceptional karate, and some of these are only 4 or 5 years of age. They among others are definitely ones to watch for the future!

Congratulations to Amy Wilson who double graded from 10th Kyu white belt to 8th Kyu orange belt. Double grading’s do not come along very often and are a big achievement. Huge well done Amy and keep up the great work!

Congratulations to our new 4th Kyu purple belts – Keith Bertram, Clare and Jerome Anthony, Christian Schofield and Gary Churchouse. Brilliant work from you all on the day and now only one grade away from a senior level.

We always mention by name students who attain the level of 3rd Kyu and above. To get to these levels takes many years of hard work, commitment and sheer determination.

We therefore congratulate the following students:

Spencer Bugler – 3rd Kyu
Spencer is only eight years old and is already showing great talent and is fast becoming a little pocket rocket. Since increasing his training to twice a week his karate has really taken a boost. Spencer has lovely clean kata’s and he knows all his basics very well. He is very often seen practicing before class along with his sister, and for someone so young this is very admirable to see. His kumite is now coming along nicely and as Spencer is now getting that little bit older he is now showing more control and precision. Spencer worked tirelessly at his grading and showed huge improvement from when he graded to 4th Kyu purple belt. The future definitely looks bright for Spencer and we look forward to seeing him progress through his grades ever closer to that black belt. Well done Spencer and Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu.

Rebecca Catlow – 3rd Kyu
Rebecca is one of our many talented female students in the club. She is a popular member in the dojo who always tries hard at everything she does. Rebecca has really good all round karate and has improved significantly since her purple belt. Rebecca is often seen practicing her kata’s and basics before class, and this has helped her immensely. She is always keen to learn new things, and is usually one step ahead when it comes to learning her next kata. Rebecca did brilliantly at her grading and gave 100% all day, she displayed precise clean kata’s and good controlled kumite. Rebecca just needs to continue what she has been doing so far, and she will continue to improve even more as she moves nearer to her black belt. Well done Rebecca and Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu.

Paul Webber – 3rd Kyu
Paul is a very dedicated student who really enjoys his karate and trains three times a week, rarely missing classes. He is a great student to teach who listens and tries his hardest at everything. Paul always works hard in class so his grading was never going to be an exception – putting in 100% effort from start to finish.  Paul has very good all round karate, his kata’s are very polished and precise and his kumite is really strong. Paul is also a brilliant Sempai and is really enjoying assisting in class with Sensei Julie. We have no doubt that Paul will go all the way to black belt and beyond, continuing with the steely determination that he has. Well done Paul on your 3rd Kyu – keep up the great work!

Daisy Oliphant – 2nd Kyu
Daisy is another little pocket rocket in the club and an absolute delight to have in class and in the club. Daisy is only nine years of age and has already achieved so much, winning medals in kata at large national tournaments and now achieving her 2nd Kyu belt. Daisy starting training with her dad - Sensei Gavin and her brother Alex when she was four years of age and has consistently trained ever since. Daisy did brilliantly at her grading her basics and kata’s had all been practiced well and were completed cleanly. In the kumite Daisy tired a little, and struggled through a couple of rounds but then found a second wind and finished her kumite with great focus and effort. We have no doubt that Daisy will continue to get even better as she gets older and she is definitely one to watch for the future. Well done Daisy. Congratulations on your 2nd Kyu.

Max Gray – 2nd Kyu
Max is a brilliant student to have in the club and an absolute pleasure to teach. We have to commend Max as along with his brother Kieron he hardly ever misses training. Max attends every event we hold and really enjoys his karate. All the training that Max has done is really paying dividend’s as Max’s karate continues to just get better and better. His kata’s are very clean and he has a good knowledge of all his basics. His kumite is done with confidence and he is not afraid to step up to a challenge. Max just needs to keep training hard and continue doing what he’s done so far and we have no doubt that black belt will not be far away. Congratulations on your 2nd Kyu Max – brilliant work!

Jack Southern – 2nd Kyu
Jack is another brilliant student who is an absolute joy to have in class. He has really good karate and continues to improve all the time. He is another little pocket rocket and is really coming through the senior grades with a number of other talented students. Jack has lovely clean kata’s which have been practiced well and his kumite is very good and controlled. Jack did really well at his grading and worked hard throughout, he has improved again since he last graded and this is great to see. Jack is very determined and we commend him for this and his commitment to his training, he really wants to go all the way to black belt and beyond - which we have no doubt will happen if he continues like he has been. Well done Jack – congratulations on your 2nd Kyu grade.

Kieron Gray – 1st Kyu
Kieron is a very talented student who continues to improve all the time. Along with his brother Max he is very dedicated to his training and this is all really paying off for him. He is a fantastic student to have in the club and really enjoys his karate. Kieron has excellent karate in all areas, on the grading day he worked hard all day – displaying some lovely kata’s and brilliant basics. In the kumite Kieron showed maturity and control and as he was the only one grading to 1st Kyu on the day, he had to spar for the longest period of time. In the final round Kieron really held his own in a two on one spar with two other juniors, and although he was very tired by this stage he never gave up. Congratulations and well done Kieron on your 1st Kyu. Brilliant work from you as always. Next step black belt!


Congratulations to Danni Williams - UWKE Kata Champion!

Huge Congratulations to our student Danni Williams who took gold in kata at the UWKE National Championships in Sheffield in what was a highly competitive category in the girls aged 10-12 group.

​Danni is one of our many talented junior females in the club and went to Sheffield on Sunday 20th November to represent Musuko Karate Academy. With over 20 girls taking part in this tough group Danni came out on top with a fantastic Gojushiho - Sho kata.

Brilliant work Danni we are all extremely proud of you!

​Amy Kershaw also went along to Sheffield and took part in both kata and kumite in the girls aged 13-15 years group. Amy put up a valiant effort in both categories, but sadly on this occasion she just missed out on medals. We admire Amy for taking part though, and are confident success will come soon for this talented young lady.



Blackpool - Brand new class - Now open!

​Our brand new class with Sensei Martin Wilmot and Sensei Martin Thomas is now open and will run every Tuesday from 6.30 - 7.30 pm (including school holidays) in the dance studio.

The class is held at:

St Marys Catholic Academy
St Walburga's Road

We wish both Sensei's the very best of luck with their new class and we know they are both going to do a fantastic job with their students.

Club Grading - Sunday 25th September 2016


Cardinal Allen High School,

Melbourne Avenue,


FY7 8AY.

1 - 4 pm for all grades

Family and friends are allowed to watch a student grade, it is a special occasion and one you will all want to remember and also show your support to. You are allowed to take photos but strictly no videos, please remember to be respectful to others at all times and please set all phones to silent.

Please aim to arrive for your grading 15 - 20 minutes before the start of the grading to give you time to warm up and stretch off.

Remember to bring all your kumite equipment, your licence and a drink.

Tournament Squad Training Session - TBC

Location: St John The Divine church hall, Hewlett Street, Coppull, PR7 5AH

10.30 am start for all squad members (by invite only)

Please remember to bring all your training equipment.


The next session will appear here in due course. Please check back for dates.



MKA Kukri Club Shop

Musuko Karate Academy's personal Kukri shop is now live where our bespoke club t-shirts, hoodies and outerwear smock tops can be ordered and delivered direct to your home address.

Kukri are suppliers to many prestige teams both in the UK and Worldwide. The quality of their items are long lasting, very comfortable and of a really high standard which is why many major sporting teams both use them and are sponsered by them. This is the main reason we chose Kukri over all the other sports wear brands.

​Items can be ordered by clicking on the Kukri logo on our website shop page and then selecting either adult or child/youth sizes in the column down the left hand side. There is a size guide available to help you.

Orders over £50 are subject to free delivery.




Black Belt Grading 26th June 2016 - Results.

On Sunday 26th June we held our black belt grading at Fleetwood for four of our students. Although this was our smallest black belt grading to date it is fair to say it was probably one of, if not the best, black belt grading we have had so far.

The grading panel consisted of Sensei Simon Crowther, Sensei Gary Mcdonald, Sensei Julie Dudley, Sensei Gavin Oliphant and Sensei Martin Thomas. Many thanks to these Sensei’s who gave up their day to give valuable experience, feedback and opinions to those grading.

Many thanks also to Chelsea Grundy, Taigen Swinburn, Amy Greenhalgh and Paul Webber who did a brilliant job all day and helped assist with the grading in kihon ippon and kumite. Your commitment to the club and for being a fabulous support to those grading is always appreciated.

Of the four students who graded we sadly had one student Chris Greenhalgh who was unfortunate to fail in a particular section of the grading which meant he was unable to attain his Shodan grade this time. Chris took the news with the highest dignity and spirit of anyone we have ever seen, showing what a great Karate-Ka he really is. The panel all commended Chris on his attitude at the news and we very much look forward to Chris attempting his Shodan again in November where hopefully he will bounce back from his disappointment.

The three remaining students were all successful in obtaining their grades and we are sure everyone within Musuko Karate Academy will join us in congratulating these students.

Lucy Hulme – Shodan-Ho
Lucy is a great student and character to have in the club and very rarely misses any classes. Junior Sempai Lucy has always had good clean karate and along with her sister Freya they are a pleasure to teach. All those years of regular training, dedication and commitment paid off for Lucy on her grading day and she was just fantastic from start to finish! Lucy had excellent basics in all areas, her combinations were clear and precise and she had brilliant effort and focus. In the kihon ippon section Lucy really upped her game and gave good loud responses and controlled movements throughout. Lucy’s Heian kata’s were really good and taken with confidence, her Bassai Dai could do with a little more polish with regard to hand movements and positions - although Lucy made no mistakes within the actual kata. In fact, Lucy was just awesome all day. In the kumite section Lucy had controlled awareness of speed and distance and she showed those brilliant kicks of hers which have always been one of Lucy’s strong points. Lucy passed every section of her grading with full marks and all the grading panel were very impressed with Lucy giving her some lovely feedback at the end. When Lucy came up to collect her belt and certificate she was beaming from ear to ear and rightly so! Congratulations Lucy you were simply awesome and really deserving of your Shodan-Ho. We very much look forward to you now attempting the grade of Shodan very soon.

Katie Knowles - Shodan-Ho
Katie is a lovely quiet girl who tries hard in class and never misses any lessons. Along with her dad Sensei Del Knowles, Katie supports every event we hold and is a great student to have in the club. Katie takes her karate seriously and she is always practicing before class on her kata’s and stances which definitely contributed towards her success at the grading. The panel always expected Katie to do well and be a good steady student but Katie really cranked it up and did brilliantly. Katie was bright red in the face after the first five minutes of the grading starting and was very determined that no matter what, she was taking home that black belt! Katie had brilliant basics, combinations and stances and her kihon ippon was faultless and done with confidence. In the kata section Katie’s Heian kata’s had been practiced over and over again and it was clear that she did them cautiously but with clear confidence. Katie passed all sections of her grading and all that practice definitely paid off. In the kumite section she was completely unfazed by anything that was given to her, and this was a huge difference to her last grading showing massive improvement. All the grading panel were very impressed by Katie and the feedback said it all with some fab comments. A very poignant moment for Katie, her parents, and everyone in the room was when Sensei Simon called Sensei Del forward so he could present his daughter Katie with her certificate and belt. Sensei Del had also spent many hours guiding and advising Katie on her upcoming grading so it was a very touching and fitting tribute to them both that he should award Katie with her achievements. Many Congratulations Katie, keep up this new side of you! You were very deserving of your Shodan-Ho and we are excited to see you attempt your Shodan in the not too distant future.

Martin Wilmot – Shodan
Sensei Martin is a great student to have in the club. He never misses classes and along with his step daughter Chelsea Grundy and daughter Rachel supports everything we do. Martin is a popular student with the adults and tries his hardest at every lesson. He currently supports Sensei Gavin at the Carleton dojo on Friday evenings showing excellent teaching skills and we know this is a role he really enjoys. At the grading Martin tried really hard from the beginning, he had great spirit and focus, and gave every section 100% effort and the panel could ask no more of him than this. Martin had good basics and kihon ippon but had a bit of a wobble in the kata section, he then got his head together, composed himself, and then came back and did a fantastic Heian Nidan which wowed the grading panel! This was probably Martin’s turning point in the grading. In the kumite section Martin coped well and although he was under some pressure during kumite he stayed calm, composed and in control. Martin’s dedication and commitment to his training along with his support for the club is all what helped Martin to achieve his Shodan grade. Congratulations on your Shodan Martin very well deserved.

Tournament Entries - Inter-Club Tournament 10th July 2016.

Venue: Cardinal Allen High School, Melbourne Avenue, Fleetwood, FY7 8AY.

Time: 10 am - 5pm. 

Please try to arrive for your event at least half an hour before it is due to start.
Times in brackets are a rough guideline and not exact so please allow for changes.

Be prepared to be at the tournament for most of the day if you are entering a number of events, so bringing food and drink with you is a good idea.

Referees and officials decisions are final.

For those who wish to stay and watch as well as supporting other competitors, there will be a team kata display of kata Kururunfa and the bunkai application by three of the tournament squad around 12.45 pm.

Please remember to bring your sparring equipment for all kumite events.

Event: 1   (10.15 am)            
Pairs Kata                  Age 10 yrs and under

Sydney Terry             Georgia Jackson
Max Gray                    Jack Southern
Lydia Geddes             Amelia Steele

Event: 2    (10.25 am)        
Pairs Kata                   Age 11 yrs and over excluding Dan grades

Kieron Gray                    Oliver Spencer
Connor Mooney            Harvey Atkinson
Bethany  Bradford         Rachel Wilmot


Event: 3   (10.35 am)       
Pairs Kata             Adults – Open grade

Gary McDonald              Julie Dudley
Karen Jackson                Christian Schofield
Paul Webber                  Ryan Waterhouse

Event: 4    (10.45 am)    
Pairs Kata                   Age 10 yrs and over including Dan grades

Megan Lockett              Charlotte Bertram
Nathan Crowther          Rebecca Worthington
Brandon Crowther       Laighton Worthington
Lauren Welsh                Taigen Swinburn


Event: 5    (11 am)     
Team Kata           Under 16 yrs Open grade

Sylvia Waterhouse          Lydia Geddes             Amelia Steele
Charlotte Bertram          Megan Lockett           Laighton Worthington
Kieron Gray                      Oliver Spencer           Chelsea Grundy
Alfie Appleby                   Ben Churchouse        Jack Churchouse
Taigen Swinburn             Brandon Crowther    Lauren Welsh

Event: 6    (11.15 am)      
Boys Individual kata         Blue – 1st Kyu belts age 9-13 yrs

Kieron Gray
Oliver Spencer
Jerome Anthony
Max Gray

Event :7   (11.30 am)        
Boys Individual kata            Dan grades age 13 – 16 yrs

Alfie Appleby
Ben Churchouse
Jack Churchouse

Event: 8    (11.45 am)           
Female Individual Kata         Open age and grade

Karen Jackson
Rachel Wilmot
Emma Mackie

Event: 9   (12 noon )          
Girls Individual kata 
     Green-Blue belts age 7-10 yrs

Ellie Mockridge
Jessica Shovelton
Sylvia Waterhouse
Lydia Paterson
Georgia Jackson

Event: 10   ( 12.15 pm)
Boys and Girls Individual kata  

Yellow - Red belts age 5 – 8 yrs    

Rocco Gladwin
Georgia Waterhouse
Jake Smith
Natasha Worthington



Event: 11    (12.30 pm)  


                               MEMBERS OF THE MKA TOURNAMENT ‘A’ SQUAD TEAM



Event : 12   (12.45 pm)  
Girls Individual kata         Blue – Brown belts age 11 – 12 yrs

Rebecca Catlow
Bethany Bradford
Lauren Welsh
Charlotte Bertram


Event: 13    (1 pm)       
Girls and Boys Kata     Open grade 16 yrs and under

Keith Bertram
Katie Knowles 
Abigail Mackie

Event: 14   (1.10 pm)        
Girls Individual kata         Dan grades age 12-14 yrs

Taigen Swinburn
Megan Lockett
Chelsea Grundy

Event:  15   (1.20 pm) 
Boys and Girls Individual kata       Orange/Green/Red belts age 6 – 8 yrs

Justin Bond
Joshua Lacy
Oliver Russell
William Marland


Event: 16   (1.35 pm)
Male Adult Individual kata      Green - brown belts

Paul Webber
Matthew Lacy
Christian Schofield
Ryan Waterhouse
Jon Mockridge


Event: 17    (1.50 pm)     
Boys and Girls Individual kumite      Yellow – Blue belts age 5 – 7 yrs

Georgia Waterhouse
Jake Smith
Lydia Paterson

Event: 18    (2 pm)        
Girls Individual kumite         Green – Red belts age 8-10 yrs

Georgia Jackson
Jessica Shovelton
Sydney Terry
Natasha Worthington

Event: 19    (2.15  pm)        
Boys Individual kumite        Orange and Green belts age 5 – 7 yrs

Justin Bond
Oliver Russell
Joshua Lacy


Event: 20    (2.25 pm )
Girls Individual Kumite
        Red - purple belts age 10-12 yrs

Rebecca Catlow
Lauren Welsh
Sylvia Waterhouse
Bethany Bradford

Event: 21  (2.40 pm)      
Boys Individual kumite          Red - brown belts age 7 – 9 yrs

Max Gray
Jack Southern
Isaac Lacy
William Marland


Event: 22    (2.55 pm)       
Boys Individual kumite          Blue – Brown belts age 13 yrs

Kieron Gray
Jerome Anthony
Calvin Kenyon


Event: 23    (3.05 pm)       
Female Adult Individual Kumite       Open grade

Vicky Mockridge
Karen Jackson
Kirsty Churchouse


Event: 24    (3.15 pm)       
Girls Individual kumite       Dan grades age 12-14 yrs

Taigen Swinburn
Megan Lockett
Rebecca Worthington
Chelsea Grundy


Event: 25    (3.30 pm)       
Boys Individual kumite        Dan grades aged 13 – 16 yrs

Alfie Appleby
Kieron Lydon
Ben Churchouse
Jack Churchouse


Event: 26   (3.45 pm)       
e Adult Individual kumite           Open grade

Matthew Lacy
Ryan Waterhouse
Christian Schofield
James Paterson
Paul Webber
John Lacy
Chris Morley
Jon Mockridge
Simon Tucker

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