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Fleetwood Grading Results - 29th March 2015.



The March grading held at Fleetwood had students from the Astley, Bispham, Chorley, Culcheth  and Fleetwood dojo’s attending and it was our best club grading so far! The students involved were from white belt through to three students attempting the grade of 4th Kyu purple belt, and the standard and effort was fantastic to see!

Thank you to Sensei Gavin Oliphant, Sensei Julie Dudley, Sensei Del Knowles and Sensei Martin Wilmot who assisted with the grading. Also thanks to Sempai Kirsty Churchouse, Junior Instructors Nathan Crowther, Kieran Lydon and Dylan Hickman and Junior Sempai's Brandon Crowther, Jack Churchouse, Chelsea Grundy, Charlotte and Elliott Bertram for helping on the day with the grading.


The remaining students grading, all of various Kyu grades, along with Jacob Adjetey – Hilton, who has been training for a long time and always tries his best, again showed fantastic karate basics, as well as great kata and kumite skills, and Jacob rightly so deserved to be awarded his 4th Kyu purple belt.

The students grading from red to blue belt were all very impressive, and showed there is some real talent coming through from this Kyu level. They all had to step up another gear in this grading and really gave it their all and they were all truly fab.

The students grading to 4th Kyu purple belt – Yvonne Crowther and Georgia Chapman,  were pushed particularly hard and had to endure a lot of kumite, and even two on one kumite sessions! Their very red faces at the end showed how hard they both worked and all the room was supporting them in their final kumite round. Well done! You remained calm and focused in both kata and kumite - not easy when all eyes are on you, and you both coped brilliantly!

Congratulations to each and every student who attempted their grade as everyone successfully achieved their next belts. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves as you all worked really hard for your next Kyu level.

Well done, keep that focus and continue to train hard!














Student Congratulations! - Black Belt Grading November 2014.

After much thought and deliberation we have decided to do a personal touch on the Black Belt grading write up.
It is difficult to put into words on a website, (and doesn't really do them justice), at what each of those students who graded have personally achieved in earning their black belts. Plus, at the likelihood of sounding cheesy and repetitive, most of it would have already been said before during a previous grading write up.
By giving a personal message to the students that graded, it's something that they can keep and look back on in years to come...after all it's a special grading, so it deserves a response of something a little bit different to anything that has come before!
Nevertheless they should all still be named for the benefit of everyone in the club, so that they can recognise and share in their accomplishments. The successful Black Belt students are:

Dylan Hickman                    Gavin Oliphant             Julie Dudley              Brandon Crowther
Laighton Worthington        Alfie Appleby                Alex Oliphant            Rebecca Worthington
Martin Thomas                    Jack Churchouse         Chelsea Grundy

All of the above students did fantastically well! They are a very special group of people and are a credit to their own dedication and commitment to karate. All those years of training really paid off for every single one of them at their grading.
Along with the personal messages will be grading feedback from Sensei George and Sensei Simon, so that each student will know their stronger and weaker points to work on for their next level. The messages and feedback will be given out to the respective students in their classes within the next couple of days.
We are sure that everyone here at Musuko Karate Academy will join us in a Huge Congratulations to the above students on their fantastic achievements in their karate journeys so far.



Fleetwood Grading

We held a large club grading at Cardinal Allen high school on Saturday 8th November for students attemping their yellow belt right through to one student attempting his first Kyu.

From the start it was clear it was going to be a fantastic one! Everyone was humble and supportive and that really showed on the day.

A big thank you must go to the parents and family members who watched from the sides for your fantastic support to all those grading on the day.

We need to mention too a special thanks to Sensei Gavin, Sensei Julie, Junior Instructors Nathan Crowther, Kieran Lydon and Dylan Hickman and Junior Sempai Jack Churchouse, for helping out with the grading as well as being a massive support to Sensei Simon.

Every student who attempted their next grade did fantastically well, and all successfully passed after putting in 100% effort and focus. There were a lot of very young white and yellow belt students grading, but they all did amazing and were really well behaved..not easy for a grading that was three hours long!

Congratulations to Lauren Welsh who was double graded from 8th Kyu orange belt straight to her 6th Kyu red belt. Lauren is one special young student who karate comes naturally to. Her kata's are now becoming as strong as her kumite and we are excited about seeing Lauren progress and grow through her grades.

The red and blue belts had to kumite for quite a long time in order to see how their stamina and fitness coped and well done to them all in gaining their next grades. A special mention must go to Daisy Oliphant, 4th Kyu, who for only seven years of age can remember and do all her kata's brilliantly as well as being fantastic at kumite! And also to Elliott Bertram, 4th Kyu, who was pushed particularly hard by Sensei Gavin and Sensei Del, well beyond his comfort zone, but for someone eleven years of age coped amazingly well. Both students are certainly ones to watch for in the future!

Congratulations to Yvonne Crowther and Clare Hardman who were both awarded their Sempai belts, we are sure they are both going to make great Sensei's in the future.

We must give a special mention to any students gaining their brown belt and above as this is a senior grade and it takes many years of training and dedication to achieve these Kyu levels.

Taigen Swinburn - 2nd Kyu: Taigen has been training with Sensei Simon for a number of years now and in the last 12 months has improved greatly. Taigen has upped her training and now trains regularly at least three times a week. She is a fantastic student to have in the club and is an inspiration to all our younger female students. Taigen is certainly going to make an awesome black belt in the future! Well done Taigen, fab work as always!

Katie Knowles - 2nd Kyu: Katie is a lovely student who trains regularly and rarely misses a class. Katie worked really hard at her grading and no one could fault her effort and determination. She showed that she has listened and watched when being taught and she did everything that was asked of her. Katie just needs to have more confidence in her karate and she will improve even more. Well done Katie and keep up the great work!

Lucy Hulme - 2nd Kyu: Lucy is another young student who is great to have in the club and is a talented all round karate-ka. Her kata's were well practiced and her kumite is formidable especially her kicks! Lucy is brilliant at her stretching and regularly takes the stretching sessions at the Astley class - showing everyone else how it should be done! Well done Lucy keep up the fab work!

Derek Knowles - 2nd Kyu: Sensei Del assists Sensei Simon at the Astley and Culcheth dojo's showing that he is a great teacher and leader. On Saturday though he also showed his karate off and what a fantastic effort it was! Sensei Del has improved so much since his last grading, showing some great kata's and kumite skills. He was pushed really hard in all areas, but kept his focus and drive and coped brilliantly. Sensei Del is a fantastic adult and asset to have in the club and supports everything we do. Sensei Del was absolutely exhausted by the end but what a performance! Congratulations Sensei Del, brilliant work!

Christopher Morley - 2nd Kyu: Chris is a truly lovely guy who thoroughly enjoys his karate. Chris has always had awesome sparring skills but on Saturday showed that he has really stepped up a gear and now his kata's are becoming as good as his kumite! Chris' spirit at his grading was formidable, he sparred for a very long time and even though he was pushed to and beyond his limits he never gave up. Exceptional work Chris, Congratulations!

Martin Wilmot - 2nd Kyu: Martin is another great guy to have in the club. He has great all round karate with nice kata's and lovely controlled sparring. He is another student who is totally devoted to his training and very rarely misses a class. Martin did fantastic on Saturday and thoroughly deserved his 2nd Kyu. It was a double celebration for Martin who was also awarded his Sensei belt and will be helping Sensei Gavin with all the current and new students at the Bispham dojo. Congratulations Sensei Martin on achieving both your 2nd Kyu and Sensei belts, both thorougly deserved!

We had one student attempting his 1st Kyu at the grading, not an easy task, especially on your own!

Ben Churchouse - 1st Kyu: Ben is a lovely boy who is only twelve years old and he has been training with Sensei Simon since he was a white belt. He is a quiet and shy student but his karate has come such a long way. On Saturday at his grading Ben showed spirit, character, strength, endurance and focus way beyond his years. He had to perform kata's on his own in front of a packed room full of students and spectators, but Ben kept his mind on the job in hand and handled the situation brilliantly. In the kumite Ben was kept going the longest of any student there, and had to spar all the adults plus Sensei Gavin and Sensei Julie, then a two on one with Nathan Crowther and Kieran Lydon before finally finishing off sparring Sensei Simon. Phew! By this time all the room were supporting him and there were chants of 'Ben,Ben,Ben' by some of the younger students in the room. Everyone was so impressed with Ben and he so absolutely deserved his 1st Kyu! Massive Congratulations Ben, awesome work!! Next belt - Black belt!

Grading pre-assessment Sunday 2nd November 2014

Location: Cardinal Allen High School, Melbourne Avenue, Fleetwood, FY7 8AY

1 - 2 pm for White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Purple belts

2..30 - 4pm for Brown and Black belts

All students who have been invited and are hoping to grade in November must attend this pre-assessment course where you will be observed by the Chief Instructor. The assessment is designed to put you through your paces and see if you are ready for your next grade.

For all students who have been selected to attempt the grade of Shodan-Ho or Shodan at the end of November it is absolutely vital you attend this pre-assessment. Failure to show at the assessment will result in you NOT being allowed to grade.

Grading slips will be given out to all successful students at the end of the assessment.

The cost of the assessment is £5 per person. Please sign in and pay on the day.


Club Grading Saturday 8th November 2014

Location: Cardinal Allen High School, Melbourne Avenue, Fleetwood, FY7 8AY

2 - 5 pm: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Brown and 2nd Kyu belts

Please aim to arrive 15-20 minutes before the grading starts so you have plenty of time to sign in. Remember to bring your pads and mitts and a drink.

Family and friends are allowed to watch and take photos but strictly no videos please. Could we also ask that you remember to set all phones to silent.


Black Belt Grading Sunday 23rd November 2014

Location: Cardinal Allen High School, Melbourne Avenue, Fleetwood, FY7 8AY.

12 - 4 pm for all selected students

If you are attempting grading please make sure that you bring all your kumite equipment, a towel and something to keep you warm between sessions. You will also need to bring plenty of drinks to keep you hydrated.


This is not an open grading. Only students and their invited family guests are allowed to attend and support on the day.

Invited guests are more than welcome to take photos but please keep to the side of the hall and do not disturb the concentration of those grading. Can we ask strictly no videos please during the grading, with the exception of any presentations at the end.

More information about the grading will be on the black belt grading slips.


Seminar with George Best Sensei, 7th Dan – Saturday 4th October 2014

2 – 3.30 pm for white,  yellow, orange, green, red, blue, purple belts          
3.45 – 5.15 pm for
brown and black belts

We are holding a very special course with George Best Sensei 7th Dan.

George Best Sensei is a world renowned Karate-ka and one of the key members of the all-conquering KUGB squad of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Sensei George is a former British, European and World Champion. He is renowned for his fast kicking techniques. Anyone who has ever trained with him or seen him in competition videos can appreciate the speed and power in which he can deliver a multitude of techniques. His distancing, timing and body movement are phenomenal making him one of the best Karate exponents England has produced.

This is a fantastic opportunity to train and be taught by a former World Champion!

The seminar will be held at: Cardinal Allen High School, Melbourne Avenue, Fleetwood, FY7 8AY.

Tickets for the seminar are priced at £12 per person and must be bought before the day/or pay on the door. Please see your Sensei if you would like to attend the course. Places may be limited due to demand, so if you are interested an early purchase of a ticket is advisable.

Fleetwood Class Closure

Class Closure

Sensei Julie's Fleetwood class will be closed this Thursday 18th September due to Cardinal Allen's open evening at the school. All students who normally train at this class are invited to train at Sensei Simon's Wednesday Fleetwood class or Sensei Gavin's Thursday Bispham class. The time of both classes and the address of the Bispham dojo is available on our website. Sensei Julie's class will be back on as normal next week - Thursday 25th September, at the usual time.

Class Grading - Lauren Welsh

We would like to congratulate Lauren Welsh who graded to her 8th Kyu Orange belt at the Culcheth dojo on Saturday 6th September.

Lauren joined our club in early March and has made amazing progress in such a short time. From the very start it was obvious to anyone who saw Lauren train that she has a natural ability at karate. Lauren trains three times at week which is fantastic dedication for her grade and all her training is really paying off. At her grading she worked brilliantly throughout, she did lots of kumite but Lauren was unfazed and handled everything beautifully. 

Lauren's kata's are always well practiced and she can pick a new kata up with relative ease. Her kumite is brilliant and her kicks are quite formidable. Lauren is really enjoying her karate and is a delight to teach and have in the club. She is eager to learn and regularly practices at home with her cousin Taigen Swinburn who is another very talanted youngster here at Musuko Karate.

The sky really is the limit for Lauren and we look forward to seeing her progress through her grades.

Well done Lauren keep up the great work!

Senior Class Grading - September 2014

We held a grading at senior class on Wednesday 3rd September for two students Sensei Julie Dudley and Junior Sempai Jack Churchouse. Both students were attempting the grade of 1st Kyu and both were awesome on the night. We are very happy to say both students successfully achieved their 1st Kyu grades on a very warm evening and were excellent from start to finish!

Julie Dudley

Sensei Julie has been training with Sensei Simon now for a number of years and is currently one of our highest ranking females. Along with her son Alfie, they are valued members of our club and always attend every event we hold.  Sensei Julie is an inspiration to all the other females in the club from the very young which she teaches to adults that she trains along side. Sensei Julie is always fully committed to her training, her etiquette is always impeccable and her dedication is faultless.

Very rarely does Sensei Julie miss a class such is her love of karate. Her kata's are always well practiced and her kumite is easily the best female's around. She is no easy match to spar not even for her male companions and will give them all a good run for their money! Sensei Julie now runs her own Fleetwood class on a Thursday and along with Sempai Kirsty the class is going from strength to strength showing that she is also a great teacher. 

After todays grading we are very much looking forward to seeing Sensei Julie attempt her black belt in the very near future.

Congratulations Sensei Julie keep up the great work!

Jack Churchouse

Junior Sempai Jack Churchouse is another fantastic student who is a great example and role model to all our younger members. Jack again has been training with Sensei Simon now for a number of years and he is one of our best youngsters in the club. Jack always trains with 100% effort and focus. He is never big headed and is always happy to show and teach others when asked. Jack has turned into a lovely young man and is a credit to his family who are all valued members of our club. Again very rarely does Jack miss classes, regularly training with his mum Sempai Kirsty, younger brother and Junior Sempai Ben and recently dad Gary has also got the karate bug and joined in! As a family they are among our biggest supporters always attending any events we hold.

Jack's kata's are always stong and focused, he always practices hard and this shows in class. His sparring has improved vastly this last six months and this showed greatly at his grading, especially when he had to spar two and even three students at once! Jack kept his focus, dug in and kept going even though he was utterly exhausted at the end. Anyone who saw Jack grade could not fault his determination and effort. 

We are now very much looking forward to seeing Jack attempt his black belt in the near future.

Congratulations Jack awesome work!

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